Find a Lecturer

To qualify for inclusion for the IFTA Lecturers’ database, a lecturer must be expert in an aspect technical analysis or a closely related subject and their inclusion in the database must be supported by an IFTA Member Society. Only specifically authorised Member Society Managers will be given access rights to upload the names of any such lecturers. Anyone wishing to be included in the database must first therefore obtain the support of his or her IFTA Member Society.

There are three access levels:

  • Society Manager (Member Society Chair and/or Liaison): Overview of members for their society; changes must be approved by the administration. An email will be automatically forwarded to IFTA when a change request is made.
  • Colleague (IFTA Society Member): Can search through databases and review data.
  • Non-Member: Limited to authorised external users, such as employers and regula­tors, to verify an individual’s technical analysis qualifications. An email will be automatically forwarded to IFTA for consideration.