Find a Technical Analyst

IFTA makes finding a Technical Analyst easy. Our Technical Analyst database contains a complete listing of over 1,200+ individuals worldwide who have completed IFTA’s Certified Technical Technician (CFTe), and/or Masters of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA) programs. Passing the CFTe certifies that the candidate has a thorough knowledge of the field, and is able to understand, and apply, advanced technical analysis concepts and tools. IFTA’s MFTA represents the highest achievement and recognition by peers in the Technical Analysis community. The MFTA requires an original body of research; it is intended to be a rigorous demonstration of professionalism in the global arena of Technical Analysis. To be included in this database you must have an IFTA Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and/or Master of Financial Analyst (MFTA) qualification.

Many of our colleagues have also completed accredited equivalent certification programs offered by our Member Societies, including:

  • Member of Society of Technical Analysts (MSTA) diploma through the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) in the United Kingdom
  • Diploma in Technical Analysis (Dip. TA) through the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA)
  • Chartered Member of the Nippon Technical Analysts Association (CMTA)
  • Certified ESTA Technical Analyst (CETA) program through the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA).

There are three authorized access levels:

  • Society Manager (Member Society Chair and/or Liaison): Overview of members for their society; changes must be approved by the administration. An email will be automatically forwarded to IFTA when a change request is made.
  • Colleague (IFTA Society Member): Can search through databases and review data.
  • Non-Member: Limited to authorised external users, such as employers and regula­tors, to verify an individual’s technical analysis qualifications. An email will be automatically forwarded to IFTA for consideration.