Martin Pring: 2022 Outlook, Part 2

Presenter: Martin Pring

About the Presentation
Technical analysis titan Martin Pring presents his outlook on the markets in 2022. In the second part of this special presentation, Martin covers bonds, commodities, the dollar, and gold.

00:00 – Intro
01:08 – Agenda
01:51 – Money Market, Commodity Momentum Goes Bullish for Rates
02:56 – A Secular Buy Signal
04:56 – Record High Following Record Low Signals is Sign of Secular Bottom
07:13 – When Bond/Commodity Momentum is Rising, It’s Bullish for Bonds
11:12 – 10-Year Yield vs. Financial-Treasury Ratio
13:01 – Secular Trend for Commodities
15:47 – Commodities Overstretched Against Bonds
17:50 – Ratio Triggers Warning for CRB Composite
19:32- Canadian Dollar Leading Commodities Lower?
20:58 – KST Rolling Over is Commodity Danger Sign
21:38 – A Closer Look at Copper
23:16 – U.S. Dollar Index in Bullish Trend but Below Massive Resistance
24:15 – Gold: The Big Trend is Still Up
27:51 – Gold: PPO Above Zero and Therefore Still Bullish
29:31 – Gold Trust – Price is in a Trading Range

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