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The International Federation of Technical Analysts was incorporated in 1986 and is a global organization of market analysis societies and associations. IFTA is an international non-profit organization with member societies in 21 countries. The International Federation of Technical Analysts offers certification to technical analysts around the world.

IFTA Webinars

Through IFTA’s continuous efforts to bring the global technical community closer as well as offer further accessibility to renowned Technical Analysis experts worldwide, we have launched a series of IFTA-hosted webinars. These webinars are offered exclusively to all members of IFTA-affiliated societies around the globe.

23 March 2023

Mastering Trading Psychology – Unlock the Secrets to Profitable Trading

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How To Use ADX and MACD Together | Joe Rabil

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2023 Equity Market Outlook | Martin Pring & Bruce Fraser

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Trading Market Dynamics Using Technical Analysis

by Constance Brown, CFTe, MFTA

Technical Analysis — how does it work?

Technical Analysis is the systematic method of analyzing financial instruments, including securities, futures and interest rate products, with only market-delivered information such as price, volume, volatility and open interest. The tools of technical analysis are measurements and derivatives of price, for example on-balance volume, price oscillators, momentum measurements and pattern recognition. A Technical Analyst applies such tools for forecasting and timing the trading and investing in financial instruments. Technical Analysis is a universal discipline.


Member societies recognize that IFTA Certification represents the highest achievement and recognition by peers in the Technical Analysis community. The IFTA certification program is split into a professional certification, Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), and the Master level designation, Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA).

Certified Financial Technician (CFTe)

The IFTA Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) consists of CFTe I and II, which together constitute a complete professional program. The two examinations culminate in the award of this internationally recognized professional qualification in Technical Analysis.

Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA)

IFTA’s Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA) requires an original body of research. It is intended to be a rigorous demonstration of professionalism in the global arena of technical analysis.

Connecting people

IFTA aims to connect technical analysts around the globe. IFTA conferences connect on a global scale, whereas member societies offer local networking opportunities.

IFTA Societies

IFTA Membership is available to societies rather than individuals. If you have an interest in being a part of our International Federation, please join one of our members or developing member societies!

Do not have an existing society in your country? You can consider forming one!

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