Society of Technical Analysts Home Study Course

The STA HSC covers the syllabi for the IFTA CFTe as well as both the STA Part 1 and Part 2 examinations and offers 15 subject teaching units written specifically for it by leading market technicians. Each unit includes exercises to self-test progress. In addition, the course offers an exam preparation module and a set of past Part 2 exam papers, as well as a supplement containing advice on technical analysis report writing.

Course objective

The units are presented using text and graphical information. In total, the 15 teaching units contain over 350 images, and close to 100,000 words – all presented in ‘digestible’ sections.

Each teaching unit is introduced by a video resumé, and each contains an animated focus chart. Each unit provides access to a store of multiple choice questions and answers in ‘Exambuilder’ to self-test progress, and to test understanding of each topic before sitting the STA examinations.

The multiple choice format is also useful practice for the Part 1 exam. The exam prep module then offers further Part 1 guidance in its first section, with the second, much longer, section dedicated to detailed advice on how to approach the higher level Part 2 examination.

How to purchase STA HSC

In order to purchase the STA HSC, IFTA colleagues will first have to join the STA.

Below are two links, the first to join the STA, the second to purchase the HSC.

Please follow this sequence, you will not be able to purchase the HCS or be registered for the license without first joining the STA.

Purchase STA HSC

Step 1

Step 2

Once you are a member of the STA you will also have full access to our members website which includes many resources including a complete back library of our journal, The Market Technician, and recordings of many meetings.

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