Technical Analysis for Institutional Investors: CALL FOR PAPERS

Technical Analysis for Institutional Investors is a publication established by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). It is compiled by a committee of IFTA colleagues. Technical Analysis for Institutional Investors is an essential reading for academics, students, and practitioners of technical analysis in institutional portfolio management and trading. It contains a wealth of resource material and is an excellent reference for anyone interested in technical analysis.

Technical Analysis for Institutional Investors is the only international publication with original contributions from all continents covering developments in technical analysis in global markets. The publication reaches leading practitioners and students of technical analysis throughout the world.

Technical Analysis for Institutional Investors is a major professional resource. Its archival online publication on the IFTA website will make your original work available as a future resource to the worldwide community of technical analysts. 

IFTA is seeking papers that cover developments impacting, either directly or indirectly, the field of technical analysis focusing on institutional portfolio management and trading; they may be drawn from such areas as:

  • Market analysis techniques 
  • Global and intraglobal technical analysis 
  • Styles of technical analysis 
  • Commodities and energy trading
  • Intermarket analysis
  • Stocks/bond screening
  • Dynamic asset allocation
  • Strategies (i.e., sector rotations…)

We would especially like to see contributions that draw from areas not previously examined and/or topics tangential to technical analysis. 

The above list is just a guide and should in no way be considered restrictive. We wish to make the publication open to new and innovative ideas from all areas of technical analysis and those that connect with it. 

Submitting Contributions

Registration and submission of contributions is by email to the editor at [email protected]

Submission guidelines


Contributions must be submitted in English, with British grammar required.

Writing Style

Papers should be written in a thesis style.

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All texts referred to in the paper must be appropriately referenced in a list of “References” at the end of the text. Further, all notes are to be included as endnotes (“Notes”). A bibliography is not to be included.

The author is responsible for the accuracy of references and quotations. We expect the author to check them thoroughly before submission.

Figures, Charts, and Tables

Illustrations and charts must be referred to by figure number and source. Tables must be referred to by table number and source

Length of Contribution

Papers should be approximately 1,200 to 3,000 words, with supporting graphs and charts.


We ask for submissions in MS Word or other text format, as well as a PDF. Charts and graphs may be in .GIF or .JPG, but we ask that authors also keep a .TIF format in case it is required for printing purposes. An Excel spreadsheet supporting your submission may also be included.

Licenses and Copyright

We require all submissions to include the author’s signature on the Publication Agreement at the end of this document. 

We may publish online. We require that you place your submission under the Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial 3.0. 

Unless another license is noted, we will assume that your contribution is under this license.

Editorial Timeline

April 2023Call for papers distributed
31 Oct 2023Deadline for all submissions
31 Oct 2023Papers distributed for review
31 Dec 2023Reviewer’s comments returned to editor
15 Jan 2024Notification of acceptance/rejection
31 Jan 2024Submission to printer
April 2024 Worldwide distribution
June 2024Web publication

For more information, see our website Publications/Journal

Selection of Contributions

Contributions are selected by the Editorial Committee based on their content. Please understand that we cannot accept all contributions. Selection depends on the number and quality of the submissions and the editor’s findings. Selections are not negotiable.


IFTA is organised and operated by volunteers and supported by its members. We ask that you understand we will not be able to pay for contributions.


For more information, please contact [email protected]

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