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19 November 2021

10 Key Asset Allocation Questions into Spring 2022

Presenter: Jean-Francois Owczarczak, CFTe; CEO of Management Joint Trust SA, Geneva, CH

About the Presentation
In this presentation, Jean-Francois Owczarczak, CEO of Management Joint Trust SA, will briefly present its seasoned cycle and trend analysis methodology as well as new developments in automatizing its timing projections. It will then work through 10 key asset allocation questions and deliver its outlook, e.g., dollar, yield, equities, gold, emerging markets. Participants will learn how to seek cross-asset confirmations—in this case, using both manual interpretation and automatic models.

About the Presenter
Jean-Francois Owczarczak is the CEO of Management Joint Trust SA Geneva, a cross-assets independent research company founded in 1969 in Geneva, Switzerland. He provides financial market analysis and investment consulting services aimed at institutional investors. Owczarczak has 16 years of experience in advising institutional investors on tactical and strategic asset allocation. He holds the Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) credential(for which he also won the 2013 Bronwen Wood Award for the best CFTe diploma paper in 2012!) and is an active member of the Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT) and the Society of Technical Analysts Ltd. (STA) as well as a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM). Owczarczak contributes to various professional publications and web podcasts and regularly presents to financial associations.

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