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16 January 2022

Martin Pring: 2022 Outlook, Part 1

About the Presentation

Technical analysis titan Martin Pring presents his outlook on the markets in 2022. In the first part of this special presentation, Martin covers equities, including, inflation’s effect on stocks, secular trends, extended gains in the U.S. market against the world, and relative action in the technology sector.

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Time codes

00:00 – Intro
05:46 – Agenda
06:47 – Equities Prefer Slowdowns to Recessions
08:23 – The PE Monitors Secular Swings in Sentiment
13:44 – Overbought Downside Crossovers Signal Bear Markets
15:36 – PPO Readings Below Zero are Bearish for Stocks
18:05 – The Rate of Change Tells Us Equities are Elevated by Historical Norms
20:03 – Secular Buys for Commodities are Bearish for Stocks
22:33 – Inflation North of +5% is Usually Bearish for Stocks
24:58 – Capacity Usually Peaks Ahead of inflation
27:32 – Two Indicators of Recession
30:38 – Uptrend Intact but Looking Overstretched
32:48 – Stocks Go Bearish When the LEI and Index Cross Below Their MAs
36:14 – DOW Global Index and Three ROCs
38:27 – Trend Still Favors the U.S.
40:10 – Technology Has Reached an Extreme Against Energy
43:44 – NASDAQ Breaking Down Against Energy

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