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8 February 2024

Prepare for 2024: Martin Pring’s Expert Insights on the Equity Market

5 January 2024

Technical Analysis legend Martin Pring breaks down his comprehensive equity market outlook for 2024. In his unique signature style he offers an outlook that encompasses a secular (multi-business cycle) perspective of the forces that are likely to influence stocks and bonds over the coming years. Then he turns attention to the cyclic forces that could drive stock prices in the year ahead and beyond. By understanding Martin Pring’s perspective on the equity market, you’ll be better equipped to make informed investment decisions.

This event has become an annual tradition which was started at Golden Gate University in San Francisco and hosted by the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco. Now with the support of the International Federation of Technical Analysts it has become an international annual tradition. A special thanks to StockCharts.com for providing ongoing support and production assistance.

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00:00 – Intro and Welcome
02:12 – Outlook for 2024
04:04 – Inflation Adj. S&P Composite vs. 60/360 Price Oscillator 1900-2024
08:52 – Inflation Adj. S&P Composite vs Shiller/10-year Yield 1926-2023
13:21 – Equities and the Business Cycle: S&P Composite 1955-2024
15:20 – Inflation Adjusted S&P Composite
17:44 – Idealized Business Cycle
21:20 – S&P Composite vs the Pring Turner Stock Barometer 1967-2024
22:47 – S&P Composite and the Pring Turner Recession Caller 1956-2024
24:44 – S&P Composite and the Pring Turner Recession Caller 1995-2024
25:40 – S&P Composite vs Stock/Commodity Momentum 1960-2024
27:31 – Inflation Adjusted Stocks vs Real M2 Momentum 1899-2024
29:21 – Inflation Adjusted Stocks vs Financial Market Velocity 1957-202 31:28 – S&P Composite vs Inverted Dividend Yield Momentum 1956-2023
33:56 – Dividend Model Performance Since 1874
34:59 – S&P Composite and the Investors Intelligence Bullish Letter Writers 1974-2024
37:17 – MSCI World Stock ETF vs the Special K 2015-2024 
39:58 – S&P Composite vs Financial Sector RS Momentum 200
40:52 – Indicators Suggest Stocks Have Lots of Potent

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Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco https://www.TSAASF.org

International Federation of Technical Analysts https://ifta.org/

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