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13 January 2023

2023 Equity Market Outlook | Martin Pring & Bruce Fraser


Martin Pring presents his 2023 equity market outlook. With a unique perspective he reveals the cyclic and secular trends that drive stock prices. Reaching back decades Martin identifies critical trends and thresholds that are reaching important junctures now and how historical relationships can inform the future trend of stock values. He adjusts stocks for the impact of recent inflation trends. With these adjustments he compares current conditions to similar historic examples.

The 2023 Equity Market Outlook weighs the effects of Inflation, Stock Valuations, and Changes in Cyclic Trends that could prove very important to stock portfolios for years to come.


Martin’s Website: https://www.pringturner.com
Connect with Bruce – Website: https://wyckoffanalytics.com
Blog: https://stockcharts.com/articles/wyck…

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